School requalification in Barcelos - Requalification program
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School Requalification in Barcelos

  • Arquitectura Paisagista Projectos
  • Algarve Landscape Architecture
About This Project

As part of a national high school requalification program, the Escola Secundária de Barcelos was selected for intervention, which, in addition to improving its conditions, also foresee an increase in the number of students. In order to cope with such a program, the design team began their work based on a topographic survey in which all existing trees and shrubs were demarcated.
Based on this assumption, the landscape architecture project was based on three main principles: the minimization of the impact caused by the intervention in the Arboretum (the biggest collection of native vegetation of Portugal); the architecture project, with the substantial increase of the built area; the need to make Arboretum more interactive to the school community.
The final result was a proposal that adapted to these conditions, redefining the whole network of paths and improving the conditions of space enjoyment and respecting and adopting the criteria of Arboretum construction. In cases where it wasn’t possible to perverse the plant material in its location, it was decided to use transplants, respecting the respective thematic areas.